Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) invites to a digital workshop on 3 March at 2–5 hrs pm (CET). The workshop is aimed at techies who want more information about how the upper level of DNS is handled. 

As the international administrator of the top-level domains ICANN makes the guidelines for allocation and registration of those. At this workshop they will inform about their work as regards DNSSEC signing and how the root zone is run. ICANN gather various actors to make overall rules for generic top-level domains (such as .com, .org or .shop). The workshop will go through some of ICANN's initiativs for these top-level domains.

ICANN consider this workshop to be useful both for those with former experience with ICANN and for new actors in the business. 

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For country-code top-level domains (such as .no eller .se) guidelines and terms are set in each specific country. Norid runs the Norwegian top-level domains and comply with the constraint given by the Norwegian domain name regulations. Norid and Norwegian authorities participate to ICANN processes where it is considered relevant for Norwegian interests. 

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Published: 9 February 2021