Thanks to a great effort by our registrars, Norway was among best in the world with 54 percent DNSSEC secured domains few months after the launch in the fall of 2014. The high level of signed domains have been a good motivation for Internet service providers to turn on validation for domain inquiries. With a validation of 75 percent, Norway is among the best internationally in this area too.

Despite great numbers, there is potential for improvement. Many registrars can increase the number of signed domains in their account, and many registrars can take the step and start offering DNSSEC to their customers. To encourage further efforts in this important area, Norid will again offer a discount on signed domains. The discount will be 3 NOK per domain, and will be calculated on 1 December 2017.

Norid considers DNSSEC to be an important security element in the domain name system, and thinks the technology should be a standard delivery for all Norwegian domain names. We therefore wish to do our part to keep the interest up for this security mechanism. At the same time, we wish to recognize the important role of the registrars when it comes to using DNSSEC, and hopefully motivate more registrars to invest in the necessary competence to start using this technology.

All .no domains that are registered and signed at the time of the calculation will provide a discount. We will not refund amounts below 200 NOK. Each registrar must therefore have at least 67 signed domains in order to get the discount.

We recommend that registrars who have not used DNSSEC much before, sign domains over several days. We also recommend that you sign domains within our normal working hours (Mon – Fri, 08 am – 4 pm CEST) so that we can be of assistance if problems should emerge.

Published: 3 October 2017