You receive notifications about your balance from Norid's systems. These notifications are important in order to avoid that registration and renewal of domain names fail.

We recommend that you log into your account on the registrar web and check that the email addresses you have signed up to receive notifications from Norid's systems are correct. You can find these under the tab 'Admin'
and 'Operational'.

Automatic renewal may fail

Domain names are renewed during the night for registrars that have activated automatic renewal. If your balance does not cover all domain names due for renewal, you receive an email from our system. The email is sent to the email address stated in the
field 'Balance low email'. If this field is empty, the email is sent to the email address stated in the field 'Notify email'.

You receive an email notification about this 24 hours before the domain name holders are notified by email about their domains not being renewed. It is therefore very important that your notification reaches you.

Low balance warning

We recommend that all registrars activate low balance warning. This means that you will get a warning by email when your balance goes below an amount specified by you. You enter your preferred amount in the field ‘Balance low value’. The low balance warning
email is sent to the email address specified in the field 'Balance low email'.

When you specify an amount, the response on an EPP transaction that costs money will include a warning of low balance when the balance goes below this amount. This will happen for all transactions submitted when below the set amount. This is in addition
to the email mentioned above.

Contact us immediatly if you suspect something wrong with your balance

Contact us on as soon as possible if you receive a warning about failed renewals despite having made a payment to your balance. Remember to include a receipt of your payment.

Published: 1 April 2020
Updated: 25 August 2020