We will launch new web pages for the general public on Thursday 20 June at 10 am. The purpose is to make the information simpler and more targeted. As a result of this several URL's will be changed, including the domain lookup service.

On the new Norid web we have replaced the term registrar, which we have experienced seems unfamiliar for people outside of the domain business, with domain name provider.

The URL to the open part of the registrar web will be changed to teknisk.norid.no/en/, the URL to the part where you have to sign in, remains unchanged. Beside this adjustment and a change of the graphical profile, the content on the registrar web remains unchanged for now.

We hope the new Norid web will be easier to use both for you as registrars and for the customers. We are happy to receive your feed back, both good and bad.

Published: 20 June 2019