Starting in November 2021 we will change our invoicing routine so that you pay for transactions after they have been made. This means that we will no longer require that registrars make prepayments.

After the transition, fees for all new and extended domain name subscriptions during a calendar month will be included on an invoice that is sent out on the first working day of the following month.

Time schedule for the transition

The transition to the new payment routine will happen on 1 November 2021. This means that the last cash invoice will be issued on 1 November 2021. On the same date the registry system will be updated so that payment for transactions that cost money are no longer drawn from your balance, but are instead counted for invoicing the following month.

The first invoice in the new scheme will be issued on 1 December 2021. This invoice will consist of all new and extended domain name subscriptions for November.

At the same time as we change our payment routine, we will also change our accountancy firm. This means that after we have sent out the last cash invoice, all our invoices will be sent from a new accounting system. This should not have any consequences for you, but the invoices will look a bit different.

Changes in the registry system

The transition to this new payment routine will require some changes in the registry system:

  • Response messages in the EPP channel and emails related to your balance will be irrelevant and thus removed
  • Parameters and information related to prepayments and balance will be irrelevant and thus removed from the registrar web

The test system will be updated with the changes well before the production system. Information about the date for this will be sent out as soon as it is decided.

Return of your remaining balance

After the last cash invoice has been sent out, we will return your remaining balance. This will be done in November. The amount will be paid out to the bank account number registered on the registrar web under the tab "Accounting". It is therefore important that this bank account number is correct.

Background for changing the payment routine

The current payment routine with prepayments has caused some challenges among the registrars as well as for Norid. We have heard from some registrars that prepayments makes the accounting difficult and time consuming to handle. The close connection between the registration of payments and access to do transactions that cost money, also means that the model is vulnerable to delays in the registration of payments. We think that a the described change of routine will eliminate these challenges.

More information about terms of payment and the new payment routine will be sent out closer to the transition.

Published: 13 September 2021