The new registrar agreement will be sent out shortly, and it is therefore important that all registrars check that their registered contact information on the registrar web is updated. The contact information must be updated by 4 June.

The proposed text for a new registrar agreement was published with a request for input from the registrars, and the deadline was reached on 21 May. The next step is to finalise the new agreement and send it to the registrars for signing. A termination of the current agreement will be sent at the same time.

All registrars are required to keep their contact information updated at all times. However, it is now extra important that you all log into the registrar web and check that your registered contact information is correct so that you the letter and email concerning the new agreement will reach you. The contact information must be updated by Friday 4 June 2021.

You can find your registered contact information under the tab Organizational on the registrar web. It is especially important that the following contact information is correct:

  • postal address and email address for the organization (Organization name)
  • the name and email address for your legal contact (Legal contact name)

Logging into test systems

At the same time we recommend that you make sure that you are able to log into the test systems for the registrar web and EPP. This is important because access to the test systems will be necessary in order to continue as a registrar under the new agreement. You will need access to both of your test accounts.

Please consult the list of Norid's services and tools to find the relevant URLs.

Published: 26 May 2021