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Norid’s guiding principle is to perform core services itself, whereas services that do not have to be performed centrally, can be put out for competitive tendering among domain providers. The providers are the connection between Norid and domain subscribers and therefore play a central role in the Norwegian registrar scheme.

The Domain Regulations ensure that the views of user representatives and authorities are taken into account in the design of regulations for Norwegian domain names, so that they always reflect society’s needs. These regulations are binding for both Norid and providers as part of the registrar scheme.

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As the registry, Norid is tasked with designing a system where the domain registration process complies with relevant regulations and other relevant constraints imposed by regulatory authorities. Among other things, this includes defining which services are to be centralized under Norid and which services can be left to providers.

It is essential that Norid and its providers establish a good and professional working relationship. The provider contract includes minimum requirements for the provider’s technical and administrative competence. Beyond the basic services all providers must be able to perform, some providers also offer various additional services and service levels. Providers compete with each other on the development of systems for submitting transactions to Norid’s registration system, onward invoicing to subscribers and customer support, among other things. Norid’s procedures and systems are kept at a basic level, so as not to favour any single provider’s business model or technical solutions.

The balance between Norid’s and the providers’ responsibilities have shifted over time, as the industry has developed and become able to take on additional responsibilities. The invoicing of annual fees is one example of a task that has been moved from Norid to the providers.

Contractual relationships

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In addition to acting as the intermediary between Norid and the subscriber, the provider also often provides its own services to the subscriber. The following contractual relationships exist between the three parties:

  • The relationship between Norid and the provider is regulated by the domain name policy and the provider contract.
  • The relationship between Norid and the subscriber is regulated by the domain name policy and the personal declaration, which is the subscriber’s acceptance of subscription terms and conditions. The personal declaration limits liability between the subscriber and the registrar scheme. More about the background for the applicant declaration.
  • The relationship between the provider and the subscriber is regulated by the provider’s own customer contract. Norid is not a party to this contract.

Published: 24 April 2020
Updated: 25 August 2020