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This page shows all non standard EPP error messages that may be generated by the registry system.

The EPP protocol uses a set of result codes that are standardized in RFC5930. In Norid's EPP system, we have defined some extensions to the EPP result, which are used to describe more details about the cause of a given error situation. The extended error codes are listed in this text file which is in yaml format and uses UTF-8: errors.yaml

Each error situation is described using the following fields:

  • code: error code
  • description: description of the error (English)
  • hide: the error message does not appear in the EPP interface if hide is activated
  • mas_ign: system-internal
  • severity: degree of severity (number)
  • text: supplemental description (English)
  • text_no: supplemental description (Norwegian)
Published: 23 April 2020
Updated: 15 February 2021