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Below is a short list of known problems and limitations in the EPP testing system. The testing system cannot run completely identically to the production system, which means there are some system properties that behave differently.
  • The test server will close the connection when it receives a line feed upon connecting. 
    • The server expects correct EPP and XML in accordance with RFCs. Every EPP message must begin with a 32-bit header, which specifies the length of the EPP message. Read more about this in Chapter 4 in RFC4934, see If this header is not received, the server will report an internal header and close the connection. 
  • E-mail notifications are not sent from the test system.
  • Host update
    • Name servers will not be tested during an update command. 
  • Domain create
    • Name servers will not be tested during a create command.
  • Domain transfer-with-token
    • When a one-time code (transfer token) is ordered in production, the one-time code is sent to the subscriber’s primary e-mail address. No such e-mail is sent during testing. To execute this type of transfer during testing, you can use the one-time password simsalabim.
Published: 15 May 2020
Updated: 18 August 2020