Norid wants to motivate for increased connectivity on IPv6 on authoritative nameservers under .no. We are now introducing some measures to heighten the awareness for registrars and nameserver operators on IPv6 connectivity:
  • The EPP server will on the commands 'domain create' and 'domain update' return a warning message if none of the nameservers for the domain are reachable on IPv6. This is only a warning message. It will not cause the command to fail.
  • For each registrar, a daily updated list is made of domains having no nameservers with IPv6 connectivity. The lists can be downloaded from the registrarweb. We encourage registrars to use the list to add IPv6 connectivity to all their domains which do not already have it.
  • The web based dnscheck service,, is changed so that a warning message is given (but not an error) for all nameservers which does not have IPv6 connectivity.

These measures are now activate in production. We are planning to change the DNS policy so that IPv6 connectivity on at least one nameserver will be required for domains under .no. The date for this change has not yet been set, and we want to ensure that a significant part of the domains already has IPv6 connectivity before such a requirement is introduced.

Published: 14 June 2022
Updated: 15 June 2022