All domains under and are as previously informed moved from KS to Norid. Registrars must transfer their customers’ domains to their accounts by 4 September 2017. In order to make the process easier for the municipalities we will also invite registrars who want these customers to let us know.

Please be aware that this only relates to domains ending in and Municipalities and counties do often have several domain names, and not all ends with and These types of domains are not affected by this change.

Many very important services are run on domains under and, and Norid consider it to be a serious breach if registrars take over domains without this being cleared with the municipal.

More information about transferring domains can be found in the news story published on 24 May 2017.

Registrars who want municipals as customers

After 4 September 2017 Norid will contact all municipals with domains that are still not associated with a registrar, and ask them to find one. To make the process easy for the municipals we will make a separate list of registrars that are interested to get these customers. All registrars can participate.

Registrars who wish to be on this list must send an email to by 31 August 2017. Please also state if you are willing to be registrar for municipals with their own name service.

Published: 14 August 2017
Updated: 15 August 2017