Today, we are launching a new whois service reserved for our registrars. The service will give the registrars the same access to customer data as they have today, also after the public whois service changes to satisfy new privacy regulations.

After 25 May this year, Norid will change the public whois on and on port 43. The service will become very limited and will show significantly less data both concerning legal persons (organizations) and private individuals than today's
whois. The service will also change from having many search options to becoming a pure lookup service. Because of this, the registrars get their own, closed access whois service so that they can fulfil their role and serve their customers properly.
This service, the Registrar Whois, gives the registrars access to the same data as they get today. 

The current registrar whois web proxy will be shut down later this spring.

How does the Registrar Whois work?

A separate whois service and a web-proxy is available for the registrars at There is no captcha on the web proxy. The access is IP-filtrated.


In order to access the service you need to login to the registrar web and register an IP address in the field Registrar web -> Admin -> Registry Access -> Registrarwhois IP-addresses. Please note
the IP addresses are configured separately; no block syntax is allowed. 

Query rate limits

  • The query rate limits for the registrar whois service on port 43 are the same as for the public whois ( 
  • The query rate limits can be changed on short notice if it becomes necessary 

Legal terms and guidelines for the use of the Registrar Whois

  1. The Registrar Whois is a working tool for the registrars and for Norid. The registrars receive access to customer data through a lookup service. Please refer to the technical description of the Registrar Whois above. The technical description is a
    part of these terms.
  2. The Registrar Whois shall only be used for customer service necessery to fulfill the agreement with the one applying for a domain, or the domain holder.  
  3. The Registrar Whois shall be used for the registrar's internal customer service, and for processing towards and interaction with Norid. 
  4. The Registrar Whois and data from the Registrar Whois shall not be made available to the public, including via automated services.  

Violation of these terms will count as a major breach of the registrar agreement, cf clause 7, fourth paragraph, and can lead to an immediate termination of the agreement.

Published: 27 February 2018
Updated: 26 August 2020