Many registrars already support EHF format for their invoices, and some of you have therefore called for support for the EHF format on invoices from Norid as well.

We have now implemented the changes necessary to support EHF version 2, and will put this into operation as of Monday , 15 August 2016.

We will use August to test that the EHF functionality works. If it looks good, the monthly invoicing in early September will be performed with EHF activated.

Note that the EHF format will only be used for registrars registered in the ELMA registry for EHF version 2 (a count before the summer showed that this applies to 118 of our registrars). For all other registrars, including all non-norwegian, the invoice from Norid will be sent the same way as before.

Read more about EHF here (norwegian texts only):

Published: 4 August 2016
Updated: 31 July 2019