Norid is planning system maintenance on the registry system on Tuesday 2020-01-28 8 AM to 10 AM CET. The registry system (EPP), PID automaton and registrar web will be unavailable in short periods during the maintenance window.

A minor format change is introduced in the daily dumps of domain list on the Registrar web ( The 'regtype' column content is changed
in the case when an electronic applicant's declaration (EAD) is registered on a domain. In addition to the character 'E' to indicate that an EAD is registered, the version of the EAD is presented in parenthesis. New format is 'E (x.y)', where x.y is the EAD version. Registrars that have programs that parses this file may need to adjust their programs.

The name service (DNS) will not be affected.

Published: 21 January 2020
Updated: 15 September 2020