The new payment model is now in effect and the registry system is up and running again.

All registrars who have made a prepayment or have transferred their deposit to the new model, can now see their balance on the registrar web. We recommend that everyone log in and check that the balance is accurate. An updated balance can be found under the tab 'Operational'. Please note that any transactions from today has been deducted from the balance.

Registrars which have not submitted a prepayment on their account will now not be able to submit transactions which demand payment (registration, renewal of domains and change of holder).

We recommend that all registrars activate low balance notification. This will lower the risk for getting registrations and renewals rejected due to low balance. Low balance notification is activated under the tab ‘Operational’ on the registrar web.

More information about the new payment model

Published: 30 November 2017
Updated: 27 August 2020