Norid AS

Abels gt. 5, Teknobyen

Phone +47 73 55 73 55

Norid test system upgrade

Norid is upgrading the registry test platform 14 April, causing all registry test services to be unavailable during that day. After the upgrade all registry test services will be announced with new IP addresses in DNS.

Easter opening hours

During the Easter holidays, Norid has the following opening hours:

Norid registry system upgrade

Norid is upgrading the registry platform from 23 through 25 April this year, causing all registry services to be unavailable during the time period. The services are shut down at 4 PM Friday 23 April.

Change in the EPP interface. Password change in EPP will be removed

From april 13. this year, password change in EPP login will no longer be allowed. The current EPP interface has an option for changing the password in the login command. This option will now be removed. After the change, the EPP password can still be changed in the registrar web.

Holiday opening hours

For the Christmas holidays Norid will have the following opening hours:

Launch of new version of on 17 November

A new version of will be launched Tuesday 17 November. Norid now uses the test tool Zonemaster, which has been developed in a collaboration between the registry IIS (.se and .nu) and AFNIC (.fr).

System Maintenance Tuesday 2020-09-22

Norid is planning system maintenance on the registry system on Tuesday 2020-09-22 8 AM to 10 AM CEST. The registry system (EPP and the EPP client), PID automaton, applicant declaration system, registrar web, whois, RDAP and DAS will be unavailable in short periods during the maintenance window. The name service (DNS) will not be affected.